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Making Your Own Hand Sanitiser

Melaleuca makes an ideal natural hand sanitiser. Studies have shown that it kills several common bacteria and viruses responsible for causing illness, including E. coli, S. pneumoniae and H. influenza.

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Update On Product Availability

We are conscious that supermarkets are selling out fast, and retailers are finding it challenging to keep shelves re-stocked. Our popular products during this coronavirus pandemic are On Guard immune defence products.

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The Art Of Staying Healthy While Travelling

There are many challenges you will face when staying healthy while travelling. The tiredness, dehydration, altitude, and so on. It makes you wonder why we travel at all sometimes! But there are some simple little changes you can make to your routine, to ensure that you stay healthy while travelling! Get Some Sleep It’s impossible to underestimate how important it is to get enough sleep while travelling. Unless you’re on a whirlwind city break, most travelling is a marathon rather than a sprint. This starts with before you leave. Try to get enough sleep the night before you leave. This is often difficult where flights leave early in the morning, and you need to travel a few hours to the...

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Eating Healthy On A Budget

High cost is a common reason why people do not, or cannot, eat healthy. You can see that craft shops or upmarket grocery shops, with all organic and healthy food, cost significantly more than regular foods. But do not despair. It is possible to eat healthy on a budget. But it can be slightly challenging, and involves some planning. What do we buy exactly?

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