5 Great Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

Nothing better captures the taste of spring and summer as the smell of fresh orange! What people often don’t know is the many incredible benefits of orange, either fresh orange or wild orange essential oil.

Essential oils are extremely versatile, and wild orange is one of those. It is a versatile, tasty, healthy and pure essential oil. Fresh oranges are full of energy and taste great and the essential oil reflects that. It has many diverse benefits. Here are just five:

1 Supports a healthy immune system!

Due to its high volume of antitoxins, wild orange essential oil is a great booster for your immune system.

Research has shown that orange is one of the best natural immune boosting essential oils. It is widely accepted that the health promoting capacity of essential oils is truly significant. With real oranges, the more pure and less diluted the oranges are, the more significantly they can boost your immune system through their rich vitamins and slow down the spread of virus.

2 Increase your energy levels

There are many aspects of boosting your energy levels, including nutrition, exercise and limiting the environmental toxins. But supplementing a healthy lifestyle with wild orange essential oil can greatly help to increase your energy.

Wild orange can help address the symptoms of fatigue, by simply diffusing wild essential oil in your home. Diffuse one of the suggested oils or a blend throughout the day to boost your energy. If you are away from home, you can also rub the mix into the hands several times per day and inhale, or use an inhaler. For help waking up in the morning use an uplifting oil or apply stimulating oils to the feet after a morning shower. How about trying wild orange essential oil shampoo?  This gives an invigorating and fresh start to your day!

3 Helps your peace of mind

Studies show that wild orange essential oil can help improve mood and peace of mind. Sweet orange oil has been found to reduce anxiety. Ambient odours of orange and lavender reduced anxiety and improved mood.

A helpful way to utilise wild orange essential oil in improving mood and peace of mind is to use it aromatically.

This can be done using a diffuser in the room you are working in, directly inhaling and breathing in the oils, or applying the oil topically. This means blended in with a carrier oil, such as fractioned coconut oil in an aromatherapy massage.

4 Purify your surroundings

Wild orange essential oil helps to purify, as its properties are antibacterial in nature.

Simply add some to a homemade hand sanitizer for a great smell and to fight germs. Or make a homemade natural cleaning product by implementing the bacteria-killing essential oil.

More simply, drop one to two drops on your hands and rub them together. Your hands will smell terrific, and they will be help reduce germs.

You can also purify your home by diffusing wild orange essential oil into the air. Or you can spray some into your car, and it can double up as a non-toxic air freshener.

All in all, wild orange essential oil gives a great sense of freshness in your surroundings.

5 Weight management

Wild orange is one of the essential oils that helps a lot with weight management. Wild essential oil, as does a number of other essential oils, curbs hunger and assists in your general weight management routine.

Wild orange, as well as other citrus-based essential oils, are a tool that we can use to be more in tune with the signals our bodies give us, indicating when it is time to eat and when it is time to stop.

Try a drop or two in your glass water bottle, and drink it throughout the day, specifically when you have an urge to eat when you are not truly hungry. This should  help alleviate hunger pangs.

All in all, wild orange is a versatile essential oil and has many practical everyday uses. We really like it, and we hope you do too!


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