8 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

Let’s look at how you can naturally boost your energy levels, with the resulting benefits for your general wellbeing. Starting from the morning, we will outline some very simple steps you can take and integrate into your daily routine, that will have a positive effect on your wellness.

So from the morning …

1 Make Sure That You Get a Good Night's Sleep

Your body does a lot during sleep, including healing and rejuvenating.

Try to get plenty of rest —  for adults seven to eight hours is the recommended amount. We previously outlined some ways of ensuring that you can get a good nights’ sleep. 

But be sure not to oversleep as this can actually have a detrimental effect on your energy levels throughout the day.

2 Take Quality Supplements

In our previous blogs, we have outlined the benefits of lemon with your water first thing in the morning. We have also outlined the benefits of good quality supplements as part of a healthy diet.

So first thing in the morning, you should take your daily supplement. It is well known that the average diet is lacking in nutrients, and therefore, supplements do play an important role. But make sure that the supplements themselves are healthy and pure. Try to take a daily supplement such as the doTERRA Daily Nutrient Pack or Mito2Max. This should help to boost your energy levels.

3 Exercise In The Morning 

It is widely known that exercise and working out helps you alleviate stress and anxiety, and it also has a hugely positive effect on your energy levels. Exercise improves your fitness, thereby increasing your general energy levels. Your energy levels are also boosted post exercise due to the endorphins released by the exercise.

To maximise the effects of your exercise, instead of working out later in the day, try working out in the morning if at all possible. This is not so easy to build into your daily routine, but the benefits would be immense. You will obtain all the benefits of the exercise and they will flow throughout your day. Whilst exercise later in the evening is of course good, to get the full benefit, try exercising in the morning!

4 Stretch and Breathe

Deep breathing from the diaphragm can help get your blood flowing, and stretching helps reenergise your muscles and your mind. This can help fight off any negative energy or anxiety that may be creeping in. This is why yoga is so powerful and gives your body and mind so many benefits.

Even if you cannot make time for yoga on a regular basis, try to stretch and focus on your breathing technique, and some stretching, as this can help boost your general wellbeing and energy levels.

 5 Invigorate with Essential Oils

At Purity of Earth we believe in the huge benefits of building essential oils into your lifestyle. They can help in so many diverse ways, and boosting your energy levels is just one way. 

Diffusing any citrus essential oil is proven to help uplift and improve your mood. Frankincense, Peppermint, and Rosemary are also beneficial in invigorating the senses. What is our favourite essential oil for boosting your energy levels? Peppermint oil! Try placing one or two drops on your hand and rubbing it on the back of your neck. Within a minute you will feel a cool tingle on the back of your neck which will give you a great natural energy boost. That is far better than any energy drinks and can be used before training or exercise to give you an extra boost of energy and better sense of alertness.

6 Consume As Much Fresh Air As Possible

Fresh air is free, so make sure you consume as much of it as possible!

Simply breathing in fresh air for 20 minutes can change both your energy levels and mood for the better. The best way of getting this is by building walking into your daily routine. If you have a choice between a walk and a short drive, choose to walk. You will feel positive energy from this, and the healthier choice will quickly become embedded into your daily routine.

You can combine fresh air and exercise by walking, or also jogging which ensures you get a great workout and a lot of fresh air.

7 Eat Smaller & More Frequent Meals

We all know that food is an essential part of our body’s fuel. Hunger can cause your mood, level of activity  and general energy levels to quickly decline. To avoid this, eat healthier, smaller meals more often. This will ensure that hunger pangs don’t attack you with the resulting effect on your mood.

Also, it is very important not to eat too much at any one sitting. This will cause you to be bloating, possibly nauseous and will have an adverse effect on your energy levels. If you are bloated, you will need to rest and will be discouraged from any activity. So avoid getting bloated!

8 Lots Of Water

This is an obvious one! It’s hugely important to keep ourselves hydrated properly. The best method of staying hydrated is the simplest – water. There are all types of fluids available in the market, including sodas, alcohol, supposed thirst quenchers, energy drinks, and so on. But the singular most effective method of keeping your body hydrated and thereby keeping your energy levels strong is water. This isn’t just desirable, it is actually essential.

Also, stay away from sugary thirst quenching an energy drinks that can actually dehydrate you more.


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