New Year - New You! The Best Essential Oils for Beginners

Are you considering adding essential oils to your wellness regime? New year – New You! You may wonder what are the best essential oils for beginners. Then check out the most commonly used essential oils, and their versatile uses.

1) Melaleuca

Melaleuca, or tea tree oil, is one of the most versatile and best smelling oils out there. Just google “Meghan Markle” and “Melaleuca” to find out why the current Duchess of Sussex is such a believer in the many benefits of Melaleuca.

If you’re just starting out, Melaleuca is a great essential oil. But be aware that it is quite strong and the smell is very potent. If you apply it directly to skin, make sure to dilute it with some water or mix it into fractioned coconut oil.

Melaleuca oil is great for treating acne and to soothe dry skin. Its antimicrobial properties make it a good addition to a natural skin care regime.

2) Lavender

Lavender is one of the most common essential oils and great for beginners, and it is known as a natural sleep aid. It is a relaxing essential oil and has stress relief benefits.

One of the best ways to use lavender oil is to drop some into a diffuser before bed and to flood the room with its comforting aroma. Another way is to apply two drops of Lavender on your wrists and rub together. This will enable the oil to be absorbed into your system.

Finally, it can be used as a muscle relaxer. You can blend Lavender with coconut oil and rub it on sore areas of the body for all natural relief.

3) Lemon

doTERRA Lemon

Lemon is great for beginners, as it is one of the most versatile essential oils. It is an invigorating essential oil, and it has many personal benefits and also has many household uses. Think of all the lemon-scented and lemon-flavored products you regularly use, and you can likely make you own with lemon essential oils.

For starting out, you could use one or two drops in your morning glass of water. This has a great cleansing effect. Another is to use one or two drops with coconut oil and apply to your face or hands, as a form of moisturiser. It is one of the best essential oils to use in baked goods or savoury dishes that include fresh lemon if you use food-grade essential oils.

Citrus is a common source of vitamin C which we all know is great for fighting colds. It also keeps the immune system strong by stimulating white blood cells.

4) Peppermint

doTERRA Peppermint

Peppermint essential oil is a refreshing and energising essential oil.

You could use Peppermint when your energy begins to dwindle by dabbing some peppermint oil around the neck. This is also fantastic for cooling down in warm weather.

For a headache, rub a drop or two on the temples and neck, and massage it in. this gives a tingly feeling which gives great relief.

Other uses include homemade toothpaste or breath freshener, You could either use one drop on your toothpaste or put one drop underneath your tongue for long-lasting fresh breath.

5) Cinnamon Bark Oil

doTERRA Cinnamon

Cinnamon bark essential oil is another good essential oil to use in the kitchen in place of fresh cinnamon. Because essential oils are so strong, you can get away with using very little to inject flavour into something.

Cinnamon bark is particularly useful for respiratory problems including chronic bronchitis. As soon as you feel a cough coming on, grab this oil to alleviate symptoms. It works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. For the best results, inhale through a diffuser so the positive effects and benefits can work quickly. It also promotes good circulation when used internally or externally, helping the blood flow efficiently.

This is another strong oil, so make sure to dilute before use.

6) Frankincense

Frankincense oil is derived from the resin of the Boswellia carterii or Boswellia sacara tree, commonly grown in Somalia. Check out this video on sourcing Frankincense oil!

Frankincense oil is a powerhouse for keeping the skin healthy. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, that make it cleansing for the skin. It can help clear up cuts and acne, and even reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This is often used as a one-stop-shop for a safe and non-toxic beauty routine.

7) Wild Orange

doTERRA Orange

Wild orange essential oil is another favourite of the citrus oils, lending itself to everything from cleaning the house to baking.

It helps the endocrine and exocrine glands produce hormones and enzymes keeping hormonal health in good shape and stimulating healthy digestion.

It is a good replacement for vitamin c supplements, and you could for example add two or three drops to a small glass of water to give yourself a great vitamin boost. This could similarly be used by adding it to protein shakes or other supplement drinks, giving you both flavour and vitamins!