Boosting Your Exercise With Essential Oils

If you exercise regularly, regardless of whether you work-out at your own pace or are a more serious athlete, essential oils can greatly assist your general exercise goals. Essential oils are the natural route to taking care of your body as an athlete and can give you the edge you are looking for, and help you with rest, recovery time, and immune support. Many different essential oils assist exercise in many different ways, and here are just a few ways that they can help:


Many essential oils can help you with boosting your energy. See our previous blog for some great natural ways to boost your energy. Peppermint Oil is shown to provide a boost when you feel low on energy and fatigued. It can be applied to the back of the neck or to the chest when you need an extra amount of motivation to get through your training. Bergamot Oil is also great for boosting your energy naturally, and can help in beating the lack of motivation we all feel at certain times.


With any exercise, the regulation of your breathing is of huge importance. If you can achieve clear breathing, then your exercise will undoubtedly be more beneficial. This is particularly the case for cardio exercise such as running or cycling. Essential Oils are great for breathing. doTERRA Breathe essential oil blend, when applied to your skin or diffused, is also an excellent option for feelings of open airways and minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. You can use the oil blend itself, or the doTERRA Breathe Vapour Stick.

Immune Support

Hard training can tire your body, and that is why proper recovery is so important. There are many ways of helping your recovery, depending on the training you do. A tired body can weaken your immune system and leave you susceptible to colds and flus. That can then in turn cause you to skip further training or take a break, thereby jeopardising your goals. Some essential oils are great for boosting your immune system. Taking doTERRA On Guard can help boost your immune system. You could also diffuse doTERRA On Guard indoors in your recovery or rest period.


Rest and relaxation is hugely important in any training regime. This helps re-charge your batteries and allows you come back stronger. When you don’t get the rest that you need at night, it can be hard for your body to keep up. Natural products are always better than non-natural sleeping aids. Essential oils such as Lavender Oil can be great for helping you sleep and ensuring that you get a restful night’s sleep. You could try diffusing Lavender Oil at night at least 30 minutes before bed creates the soothing environment your mind and body and help you sleep.

Soothe Muscles and Joints

Another part of recovery and rest is paying particular attention to the parts of your body that are affected by your exercise. For runners, it’s your calves and hamstrings. For weight lifters, it is your arms and shoulders. doTERRA has an entire product range for soothing and recovery, and you should check it out. Deep Blue Rub is your best option to apply both before and after a training session. This gives a long-lasting warm and cooling sensation and helps soothe your muscles and joints following your training or exercise.

Supplement Boosts

Though not necessary, you can try supplements to help you with your particular goals. If you are using supplements, you should try to use natural supplements. You don’t want to undo the benefits of the supplements by the harmful elements in most supplements. If you're looking to boost your energy naturally, doTERRA Mito2Max be the right option for you. This works with the mitochondria in your cells to help with the efficient production of ATP. Or if weight loss is your main objective, then you could try doTERRA Slim and Sassy supplement range.