Donation Supports Humanitarian Service and Improved Healthcare in Ecuador

Tena is the capitol of the Napo Providence in Ecuador and has become a popular point of entry into the rainforest for tourists. This tourist traffic has influenced the emergence of hotels, tourist agencies, and restaurants, and has positively influenced the economy in Tena. 

Tena’s outlying communities, however, have not shared in this economic development due to political turmoil and social unrest over local, natural resources. In the shadow of Tena’s commercial expansion, these outlying communities continue to find it difficult to come by daily necessities including clean water, reliable shelter, nutritious food, education, and quality medical care.

To help these communities gain access to essential resources and improve their quality of life, doTERRA Wellness Advocates Mandi Felici and Erin Tullis teamed up with the non-profit organization Charity Anywhere. Charity Anywhere seeks to bring humanitarian aid to communities in need, with an emphasis on accessible and reliable healthcare. 

As Felici and Tullis prepared for an expedition with Charity Anywhere in the spring of 2016, the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation supported their efforts with a matching campaign where donated funds would benefit Charity Anywhere and the upcoming humanitarian trip. They also worked with Aspire Scholar Academy to involve students in the humanitarian work. 

Funds from this campaign were used to provide medical supplies, wheelchairs, food, school supplies, newborn kits, and building materials for a permanent medical facility. This medical facility, staffed by volunteers, will provide quality healthcare in a sterile environment to this community. The facility will offer dental care, optometry, physical therapy, midwifery care, minor procedures (and other medical services), and will be used to train the rural population on basic hygiene, medical care, and various trade skills. 

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