doTERRA On Guard - The Basics

doTERRA On Guard has become extremely popular in the past number of weeks. We sold out a number of weeks ago, and are now thankfully back in stock.

We thought we would take moment to describe the product, what it is, and how to use it.

doTERRA On Guard is made up of a number different essential oils, and is simply a combination of a number of oils that are known to have positive effects on the immune system. This includes Wild Orange peel, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. Each individually is known to have a positive impact on the immune system, and doTERRA has over time developed a unique and propriety combination of these ingredients, to create what has become a tremendously popular essential oil blend.

doTERRA On Guard can be taken internally or topically. Internally means, basically, you can swallow it. Topically means that it can be rubbed on your skin and ingested into your system in that manner.

It has many uses, including actually as a cleaning product. However, it is far more popular as a immune supporting essential oil.

How can you take it? As we said above, it can first be taken internally. This means that you can swallow it. This can be done very simply, by using 2-3 drops in water and then drinking the water. Make sure that you get the residue, and it is usually best to swirl more water in the glass, to ensure that you get it all! It can also be used with soaked sliced apples and water, for a great immune boosting snack. Another very popular method is that it can be taken topically, meaning rubbing it on your skin. You can rub 1-2 drops behind your ear, on your wrists or on the soles of your feet. Rubbing behind the ear is very popular with children, as it can be easier for them to accept than drinking it.  

Like all essential oils, it can be used in a diffuser and the effects of the oil are absorbed through your environment. To use in that way, simply place 3-4 drops in a diffuser with water and to diffuse for a period of time. Again, this is quite popular with children.

All in all, we find doTERRA On Guard to be a great essential oil for the immune system, that has in recent weeks grown into doTERRA’s best selling essential oil.