Eating Healthy On A Budget

High cost is a common reason why people do not, or cannot, eat healthy. You can see that craft shops or upmarket grocery shops, with all organic and healthy food, cost significantly more than regular foods.

But do not despair. It is possible to eat healthy on a budget. But it can be slightly challenging, and involves some planning. How do you eat healthy on a budget?

1. Plan ahead

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The best way to ensure that you buy affordable healthy foods is to plan ahead. You should plan out your grocery lists and weekly meal plans before heading to the supermarket. And planning ahead allows you to go to the supermarket, instead of the more expensive local shop.

But making a grocery list/meal outline is certainly the first goal.

2. Develop routine

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Certain items such as canned beans, bread, broccoli, carrots, celery, make up the essentials. Vegetarian kitchen products that are good to have on hand to create a variety of meals. 

We rarely make use of ingredients twice throughout the week. Maybe that isn't entirely true, but it feels like we're opening new bags of this and that at every visit to the kitchen.

Developing a routine will allow us to make better use of what we do have, so we're not tempted to rush out to the store.

3. Cook smarter

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Once a week, probably on a Sunday if you have time, you should cook a large meal that could serve as two full dinners. You can do this very easily in a slow cooker. We load up the slow cooker on Sunday morning, and 4-6 hours later, the meal is ready. It takes a few hours to cool and you can usually just slot it into the fridge within the slow cooker itself.

It's filling and healthy. If you plan out the ingredients, it can be very cost effective.

4. Eat vegan

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Eating vegan can be a lot less expensive than eating dairy products. For one big reason – cheese! A lot of people do enjoy cheese. But cheese is quite expensive. You don’t need to go fully vegan, but why not try to go vegan for a few days each week.

Another aspect of cheese is that it is usually taken with bread, or crackers, or some other food that may not be healthy.

Try to start maybe by having one vegan day week. And buy less cheese when you go to the supermarket.  

5. Set a treats budget

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We all like treats! But they are expensive. Cakes, pastries, other treat snacks, can be very expensive. And they are unhealthy as they are often loaded up with sugar.

So why don’t you set a small budget for these treats and other sugary snack, and stick to it. This will mean that you spend less and also reduce the amount of unhealthy foods that you consume. 

All in all, with some careful planning, it is possible to eat healthy on a budget. Why not try it out for a few weeks, and see how it goes? You will not regret it!