Essential Oils For Yoga

Yoga and essential oils often go hand in hand. Aromatherapy is frequently used to enhance the incredible mind-body experience of yoga. Essential oils can help you focus, wake you up, and help soothe your body after exercise or an intense yoga practice. 

You can incorporate essential oils into your routine for their emotional and physical benefits.

You can use essential oils aromatically, topically, or internally during yoga.

There are many essential oils that can help you during and after yoga. The following are just a few:

Lemongrass is one essential oil that works very well with yoga. This is the oil of cleansing and it is really powerful. It can assist greatly in in cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually. You could diffuse this oil in the yoga practice room, to feel the uplifting scent as you practice.

Lavender works great for relaxation and calming the body and mind. You could rub lavender oil on your temples so this will work wonders for de-stressing and general relaxation.

You probably should not use lavender for a morning yoga flow because it's incredibly relaxing, and might make you want to hop right back into bed after you're done!

Wild Orange and Peppermint placed on your temples or diffused into the practice room can energise and invigorate your senses to help you keep moving. Peppermint is much better for a morning yoga practice, as it invigorates your body and mind. It can also be used for soothing after your practice.

Whatever oils you choose to use, we recommend using no more than three oils during any one practice to prevent sensory overload.