How To Cool Down In The Summer Sizzle!

As Ireland sizzles under record breaking tempreatures, the main challenge is how to cool down! Here are three essential oils that can help you cool down after some time outside in the sun!


Peppermint essential oil offers frosty and refreshing relief. Its primary constituent, menthol, provides the powerful cooling effect, whether inhaled or applied to the body.

Just opening the bottle and diffusing can give a great cooling feeling to the general atmosphere around your house. You can also apply a couple drops to the bottom of your feet or a drop to the back of the neck for an icy, tingly sensation Or how about you try a drop rubbed between the hands and then patted on the back of the neck.

You can choose Spearmint essential oil or Eucalyptus as well, as both contain that integral menthol, and all three are lovely to use for cooling compresses and you could add a few drops to water and soak a couple washcloths. They can be used right away or popped in the fridge and pre-chilled and then pressed on your forehead or the back of your neck.

Our favorite method? Apply a few drops of a carrier oil such as Fractioned Coconut Oil, and two drops of Peppermint Oil, and run on the back of your neck. This will give you a great cooling sensation.


Sandalwood oil has been used for many years in extremely warm climates for its cooling, calming qualities. Its woody, earthy and ancient scent offers a more savory and subtle alternative to other oils with floral qualities. Plus it is more gentle to the skin than Peppermint. Sandalwood is sometimes used to stop excessive perspiration and can be applied under the arms on the hottest of days.

As with Peppermint, you can dab Sandalwood to the back of your neck and feel a great cooling sensation.

Clary Sage

Clary sage is one of the most calming oils that has a cooling effect. It is very well-suited for skin care and mental well-being. Clary sage has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In lotions, homemade facial oils and other skin care products it can help to calm and tone the skin.

It also has a remarkable relaxing effect on the nervous system, easing stress, tension and even depression.

Try a clary sage and lavender bath before bed to fall peacefully to sleep. Clary sage essential oil is also helpful for the symptoms of menopause such as night sweats, irritability and headaches.

We hope these help you cool down, and make sure that you drink lots of water. What a great complaint to have!