How To Make Money By Sharing Essential Oils

At Purity of Earth, we receive many emails asking us about the business opportunity and most start with a simple question - how do I make money by sharing essential oils?

We believe that sharing our healthy living, nutritional and essential oil products can be done by anyone. The opportunity for ordinary people to earn supplemental, passive or full time incomes is fantastic.

Many are aware of multi-level marketing companies, such as doTERRA, and the advantages and disadvantages of joining. There are many advantages, which we believe greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

The main advantage of using doTERRA as a business opportunity is that you are sharing a pure, certified therapeutic, and world leading essential oil based products. 

So how exactly does it work? Joining is easy. All you need to do is register as a “wellness advocate” and you are entitled to earn commission immediately.

But how can you earn commission, and how does that work in real terms?

In summary, there are six ways to earn commission with doTERRA, and they are as follows:


As a wellness advocate, you are entitled to purchase doTERRA products are wholesale rates, which are typically 25% less than retail prices. You are allowed to buy doTERRA at the wholesale cost and sell it for however much you can get for it, and you can make profit. 

This would be a great option if you have already have a shop or you are a massage therapist, or chiropractor with clients and can add doTERRA product into your existing offering. 

You can also refer people to your own doTERRA store that you will receive when you sign up as a wellness advocate and if they want to purchase the items at the retail cost so they don’t have to sign up or anything, doTERRA will ship the items directly to them and you will receive the 25% different between the wholesale cost and the retail cost.  The doTERRA store is also your doTERRA website.

When you sign up, you are given a link to your store that you can post online at places like Facebook, Pinterest or a blog. That could give you a small and steady income stream, for very little effort.


As long as you have a 100 “personal volume” loyalty rewards programme order yourself, then you receive 20% of what new wellness advocates purchase in their first 60 days.  This is known as the “fast start bonus”.

This can be significant as new wholesale members generally purchase a lot at the beginning so they can try the different products out.


Unilevel is sponsor-based. Payment of unilevel is dependent upon three things: OV; Rank and a LRP order in place.

When you first start out with doTERRA, this is a very small percentage of your paycheck. Most of your check will probably come from “Fast Start” bonuses and “Power of 3” bonuses. But as your business grows and especially as it gets deeper, your unilevel bonus will get larger and larger. The top Wellness Advocates make around 80% of their income from unilevel – and that’s saying a lot because they get around €4,000 a month in bonus pool income when they are a Diamond and the levels above that get even more.

You are paid the % on the chart for each level as long as you meet the rank requirements at the top of the page. You can look in the doTERRA back end at any time and see what rank you are and what it takes to get to the next rank.  


This reward is available once your team volume scales up.

To explain it graphically, if this little green person is you and you have shared the oils with three people, you want to do those 100 points a month so you can get a €50 bonus. That is a bonus on top of the regular income, e.g. for the product that they buy.

Once each of these three dark blue guys have shared the oils with 3 people each who want to do the 100 points a month, you are getting €50 a month bonus, which is awesome because you are more than covering what you are wanting to buy every month. 

So once these 9 people have shared it with 3 people each who want to do the 100 points a month, now you are up to €1,500 a month and that is a significant income for most households.


Bonus pools start once you hit “Silver” level in the doTERRA rankings.

Once you reach the Silver level, you get the benefit of some interesting perks in the doTERRA world.  You can attend special Silver and above training and several other things.  But the main reason you want to be a Silver is because you then are a part of the “Leadership Performance Pool”.  doTERRA take all the sales for that month and multiply it by 2%.  Then all the Silvers get at least one share in this pool.  Then as you work your way up you get even more shares.


So how do you get started with your very own business?

The first thing you need to do is sign up as a wellness advocate. This can be done though our page. This sign-up can only be done through another WA and there is not any cheaper way of signing up. On sign up, you are required to purchase an enrolment kit, which you will need anyway to explain the products and to allow you to sample the product yourself. If you purchase an enrolment kit, then you can avoid the €30 sign-up fee! Then you must purchase product with at least a 100 PV (personal volume) order.

Therefore, in order to actually earn commission, you simply need to sign up as a wellness advocate, which costs €30 and thereafter purchase product equivalent to 100PV per month. At the start, this will work out at slightly more than €100 and this figure will decrease as the months pass, due to the LRP.

After that, it is really up to you how much you chose to spend. If you share the product through you existing friend groups and social media channels, then of course it is entirely free. You are perfectly entitled to place advertisements on social medias, or indeed on newspapers, if you chose to do so. But we don’t see that is even necessary, as sharing doTERRA products is a personal experience and personal interaction is by far the best method of sharing