Our Fertility Journey & How Essential Oils Helped

By Martin Glynn

My wife Petra had more or less given up hope of ever having a baby. We used essential oils, following the failure of all different types of treatment, and ultimately through a combination of that and healthy living, it worked and we have two fantastic young girls in our family! We could not be happier, and we want to share our story with you.  

On our journey over the past number of years, we have realised how many couples find it difficult to get pregnant. If you have been trying to have a baby for some time now, but without success, then you may have be some fertility issues. Fertility issues are not gender specific, and both women and men may have fertility issues.

By way of background, my wife Petra had endometriosis and by 2013, we had tried pretty much every fertility treatment we could find and had been trying for 5 years. We tried IVF. We tried acupuncture. We had spent a fortune, and had even deferred getting married due to the costs of it all. You name it – we had tried it!

We had more or less given up hope. We felt like we had done everything. A friend of ours had been using essential oils and mentioned them to us. He was having digestive issues and he said that essential oils had really helped him with those issues. He explained that they were a natural way of dealing with the issues he faced.

We really had no idea what they were, but given that we had tried every fertility treatment we could find for 5 years, we were willing to try. I was sceptical, but my wife Petra is smarter and she understood what they were. So we explored them!

Initially, we were looking for something for the pain of endometriosis. Petra was in huge pain, and it was continuous. She was taking a lot of painkillers, up to 8 painkillers each day. We knew that was not healthy, and we didn’t like it. We knew that the consumption of that level of painkillers on a continuous basis would cause all sorts of problems in the future.

doTERRA essential oils for fertility

By then we had come to the sad decision that having children was perhaps not for us. It was a terribly painful decision, but we loved each other and we knew we had each other. Sometimes, during the constant madness of running around after two fantastic girls, we remember the painful discussions we had, when we slowly came to the realisation that we would never have children. But now that pain is a distant memory, and we just hug our daughters even closer.

So we resolved to enjoy our lives without having children, and to make the best of it. We had resolved to live our lives every day.

We travelled a bit, and we exercised a lot. We challenged ourselves and we ran a marathon. We were both very fit, and in hindsight, we now know that the fitness was a factor in our issues eventually being resolved.

doTERRA essential oils for fertility

Getting back to the essential oils, we initially used them to help the pain. We tried Clary Calm for the pain, and we rubbed that on Petra. We quickly found that it worked and eased the pain. Petra  noticed that her cramps were not as bad, and that she was taking less painkillers.  We were still a bit sceptical, but given that the pain seemed to be reducing, we persevered!

We also tried the Lifelong Vitality (LLV) programme, both of us. That was in October 2013. We found that made huge improvements towards our health and wellbeing. We felt healthier, and we were already quite fit.

By that December, in 2013, Petra was pregnant. We really could not believe it, and it goes without saying that we were thrilled. It really felt like a miracle!

doTERRA essential oils for fertility

So what factors got us to that point, after 5 years of futility?

We know that our fitness was a significant factor. Our diet was pretty good due to our fitness and the exercise programmes that we were going through. But we also know that the essential oil Clary Calm was a huge factor, as was the LLV.

Since then, we know through our research that various essential oils such as clary sage and fennel can stimulate your menstrual cycle and help with menstrual issues. Geranium has a soothing and calming effect and can help in regulating hormones in the body. Lavender can also help in dealing with stress levels, which can improve your chances. How do you use them? You could try massaging with essential oils can make the oil seep into the skin and get absorbed. You can use essential oils to massage the fertility points.

doTERRA essential oils for fertility

So what is our advice for others?

Well we strongly believe that there are many factors in resolving fertility issues. Exercise and fitness are very important. Managing stress levels are very important. Diet is also very important. But certainly we believe that essential oils can play a valuable part in dealing with those issues. We recommend essential oils, as part of that overall package. We are not going to claim that essential oils can resolve everything, and there is an overall approach required.

But before you lose hope, before you throw in the towel, why not try them.

If you would like to get in touch with Martin & Petra, or to learn more about their journey, get in touch with us on info@purityofearth.com!