Replacing Medicine With Essential Oils

Replacing medicine with essential oils is the best way to ensure that you live a pure and healthier life. Medicines can have some benefits, for sure, but many medicines are unnecessary and huge problems can arise from over prescribing medicines.

The main benefits of replacing medicine with essential oils is the absence of chemicals, and that the negative side effects that often come with medicine can be avoided.

Replacing Medicine With Essential Oils

People often refer to the “placebo effect” with essential oils, but what about the “placebo effect” with medicines? If you go to the doctor, and you don’t get a prescription, don’t you feel cheated? That is an example of the “placebo effect” actually being more common with medicines than essential oils.

If you would like to replace your medicine cabinet with essential oils, first, start small. Here are a few common ways of replacing medicine with essential oils:


If you want to start replacing your medicine with essential oil, then your immune system if the first step. Many people use medicine as a way of protecting their immune system, when in fact, a simple essential oil could be used. Oregano essential oil can be great for natural immune defence.  It can be used in cooking to replace the oregano power you buy, or used with hot drinks such as chamomile tea. It is very powerful when used with a cup of warm fluid for clearing your throat, and dealing with sore throats and coughs.

Replacing Medicine With Essential Oils


If you have skin issues, cuts or scrapes, then Melaleuca essential oil can be a great healer. One or two drops rubbed into your skin with a carrier oil can have a great impact on the wound. Also, melaleuca can be used for ear discomfort, as it can kill bacteria that it comes into contact with. It is known to have some antibacterial cleaning agents. One method is to soak cotton wool with melaleuca and then dab the cotton wall inside your ear. Just be careful as the essential oil can be very powerful.


Replacing Medicine With Essential Oils

One essential oil that everyone can use to replace medicine is Peppermint. It has a powerful cooling effect, that can have many medicinal uses. Number one, headaches! You can use Peppermint instead of painkillers to treat headaches, but simply rubbing the Peppermint essential oil on your forehead, temples and the back of your neck. The tingle and cooling effect is great for soothing the pain on other parts of your body. This method can be used generally for reducing body temperature. It is also great for respiratory support, by using the same method and rubbing the essential oil on your chest area.


In a very different way, Lavender essential oil can also replace medicines. It can be used for assisting with sleep. Because lack of sleep can impact on many aspects of your life, sleep difficulty is one thing that often causes people to turn to medicine. Instead of taking medicine for helping sleep, you should try Lavender essential oil as a way of helping you sleep. You can either diffuse Lavender in your bedroom, or easier still, rub a few drops on the inside of your wrists and rub together.  

Replacing Medicine With Essential Oils


Known as the “king of oils”, Frankincense essential oil has many potential medicinal benefits.

Frankincense can speed up the secretion of digestive enzymes, which can in turn help improve your circulation and general digestion. Again, digestion is often an area where people turn to medicine due to its disruptive effect on your daily routine. Because it is natural plant extract, Frankincense can be safely used as part of your daily routine, such as ingesting two drops first thing in the morning.

Replacing Medicine With Essential Oils

To sum up, some essential oils can provide natural ways to replace medicine. No different to medicine itself, essential oils can work differently on different people. Sometime it takes a little trial and error to find what particular oils work for you. But when you find the right combination, you will be thrilled to find medicine being replaced bit by bit!