Are Essential Oils Vegan?

Vegan diets are hugely popular nowadays. And for good reason.

Vegan diets give many benefits for health and wellness. For example, weight loss.

Having a vegan diet will inevitably lead you to rely more heavily on other foods. Replacements take the form of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, nuts and seeds. Since these foods make up a larger proportion of a vegan diet than a typical Western diet, they can contribute to a higher daily intake of certain beneficial nutrients.

Vegan diets by their nature have a natural tendency to reduce your calorie intake. This makes them effective at promoting weight loss, without the need to actively focus on cutting calories. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables and fibre is also linked to a lower risk of heart disease.

Are doTERRA essential oils vegan & cruelty free? Yes!

Essential oils by their nature are natural plant extracts that are fully vegan. This makes them a perfect part of your vegan diet.

doTERRA does not conduct or condone animal testing under any circumstance. 

Just to mention that certain of our derivative products are not considered vegan: GX Assist, slim & Sassy Trim Shakes, IQ Mega and Hydrating Cream. For example, Slim & Sassy Trim-shakes contain milk and egg proteins. One Hydrating cream product also contains milk proteins. The a2z chewable supplement contains honey and the lip balm contains beeswax.